Fe-Blog-Uary Day 20 – Small Haul


I recently popped in to a Superdrug to grab a few bits and bobs (Ehm… I’m sure women know what essentials I mean). I just couldn’t resist taking up a few offers that were smacked everywhere.. And here’s everything I got!

L’oreal had a sale on (3 for 2) and I just couldn’t resist taking up that offer! The first thing I picked up was this new Lip Infallible 24 Hour Colour! It took me a while to choose the shade I wanted but I’m glad that I chose the one I did! It’s a gorgeous red, orange and brown toned colour that I absolutely love! I’ve tested it out a few times and it really is long lasting! It has a balm that tastes really good and although it doesn’t last a long time, is really nourishing!


I’ve been wanting a liquid eyeliner for so long and I’m glad that I went to Superdrug that day because I made a really good discovery! Back in the day, one of my most favourite eyeliners calling Carbon Gloss by L’oreal got discontinued and I was so sad however, they’ve re-released it with a slightly different formula and a brand new name called Super Liner! I’m so glad it’s back and I’ve been loving using this! It’s got me back into using eyeliner!



I had to pick up a lipstick and I’ve never tried L’oreal’s Colour Riche range and so I chose a lovely shade which I thought would compliment my skin tone! When I went home, I noticed that this range was called the Natural Brunette’s collection and thought how ironic it was! It’s a gorgeous rosey pink colour and is really moisturising! I love the shape of the bullet too.. A tear drop kind of shape and the packaging is super too!


The last two things I got were the other two MUA blushers that I wanted! There were two gorgeous shades that really appealed to me and I grabbed them whilst I saw them there! At only £1 each, I’m so pleased that I’ve managed to get 5 amazing blush colours for £5 in total! The lolly shade is a gorgeous orange shade and candy floss is a lovely purple toned colour, which I really like on my complexion!


In total, all these items came to £22 which I think is really good for these! They’ll last me forever and I just love them!


7 thoughts on “Fe-Blog-Uary Day 20 – Small Haul

Add yours

    1. Isn’t is just amazing! They’re so good for how much they cost! I think I’ve got all the colours I like now! And I only spent £5.. Bargain! X

      1. Amazing value! I want to try the cream blushers now! Have you ever tried them? They’re £2.50 though.. That’s a bit of a price jump, right? X

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