Fe-Blog-Uary Day 19 – February Glossy Box


My February Glossy box arrived on time in true Glossy style and this month is one of my most favourite boxes of all time! Take a quick look at all the yummy treats I got this month!



The first thing that caught my eye was this Nougat Sparkling Body Shimmer in Cherry Blosson! It’s basically like a body spray but you rub it all over your body and it has a really subtle shimmer in it! It smells gorgeous and can you believe, this didn’t inflame my eczema at all!?! I really like the idea of applying this on the back of my hands and feel in summer to create a really nice shimmery look to my skin! this


Next up we have these Eldoro Eyelashes in H155! I’ve received these before in a Glossy Box however, I had never used lashes before so, they really messed up and pretty much fell apart! These are great for creating a natural look because the seam is clear and the lashes look so real! They’re handmade.. And it shows because they really do look like me own real lashes! They’re comfortable to wear and create a lovely ‘My lashes- but better’ look!


When I read other Beauty Bloggers raving about these NEW Maybelline Stripped Nudes lipsticks, I rushed out to have a look but just couldn’t find the right shade for me! This one in Honey Beige was definitely the one that I thought would look the best! I love the Colour Sensational line by Maybelline because they’re so comfortable to wear! This is a really soft and pigmented brown-tones nude colour! Not something I usually go for because I love my pinky nudes, but I can’t wait to wear this out! Do you think it suits me?



I’ve received Ciate Nail Polishes before in either Beauty Boxes or magazines however, never really got a shade I liked, so I never really wore them! When I got this colour, I was blown away because this is my type of colour.. HANDS DOWN! The shade is called Cocktail Dress and it’s a really pink tones red colour! Usually red nail varnishes stain my nails but this just glided off my nails! Not only that, but it lasted a good 3 days before it began to chip but when it did start chipping, it was quite bad! I really like it but, for £9 a bottle, I think it’s quite steep considering I could get a drug store alternative for less then half that!


And last but not least, we have this Shampoo and Conditioner duo from H2K which is a brand that I’ve never hear of, but they look really classy! I’m on the market for a new shampoo, so can’t wait to try this and review it for you guys!


I also got a Lindt Chocolate and coupon code for Lindt which I can’t wait to use! I love when they out in little bonus things like that! This definitely was one of my favourite boxes! I can’t wait for next month now! Will they too it?


What was your favourite beauty item from this Glossy Box?


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