Fe-Blog-Uary Day 18 – My Skincare Routine

There was a time when I was afraid of trying new things because they’d break me out but as I’ve got older, my skin has become more balanced and I understand it more. Now, I’m not afraid to try new products or makeup on my face and I can pretty much test anything. My skin care routine changes every time I get a new Glossy Box because of all the skin care products they put in their box and I love how a new box always arrives, just as my last months samples finish up.. Believe it or not, I spend a lot less on skincare (and other things) because I get all those products in my Glossy Box for £13 a month! However, I’ve also found some new products myself which, I’ve gone crazy over.. Take a look..

Starting right from the beginning, I start by washing my face using Dermalogica Clear Start Face Wash (which I recently ran out of). It’s a really good lightweight face wash which is supposed to stop breakouts from happening! I did still get a few spots here and there but this is a really good basic face wash which lathers well and leaves you with squeaky clean skin!

I’ve been using Origins Ginzing™ moisturiser for almost a year now and my skin loves it! It smells like oranges and is so hydrating without leaving my skin feeling tacky! It is lightweight on the skin and leaves my skin feeling like skin rather then oily or dry!


Ok, so it’s the end of the day and I need to take my make up off! I use a Huggies Baby Wipes to remove my makeup but I soak the wipe with Garnier’s Soothing 2in1 Makeup Remover! The wipe is super thick and fairly big so soaks up liquid really well! The remover is slightly oil based and, removes makeup effortlessly! They work really well together! If I’m not applying a mask, I don’t use moisturiser or wash my face after removing my makeup because my skin dries up and I get awful breakouts.. Weird, but true!

I’ve been using Good Things’ Five Minute Facial Mask for years now and my skin loves it! I use this clay mask around 2 times a week and it leaves my skin feeling fresh and rejuvenated! It really does dry in 5 minutes although, I keep it on for 10! It’s formulated for teenage skin but I’ve used this on all types of ages and, it’s been loved! It’s really good for giving skin a pick-me-up! I always apply cream after using this mask because it can leave my skin feeling dry!

So there you go.. My skincare routine! Really basic and literally, this is all I do! All these products amount to £46.24 and last me almost a year! The wipes, I repurchase every few months but they cost £1! It’s quite a cheap skincare routine but it works so well!

What are your skin essentials?


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