Fe-Blog-Uary 17 – Winter Skin Essentials


This winter isn’t the coldest one that we’ve ever had in the UK however, it’s always good to stay hydrated and on top of the game when it comes to the dry and cold weather! Take a look at my essentials for the cold..

Balance Me Face Oil – £15 for 10ml
This is something which I used last winter as well and totally fell in love with! It’s an oil for your face which is amazing for keeping skin looking and feeling soft rather than dry and brittle! It doesn’t smell the best at all however, is super easy to apply because it has a roller ball applicator! It’s strange but even with my oily skin, it doesn’t make it greasier or completely slippery.. It just works!

Yu-Be Moisturising Skin Cream – £19.50 for 70g
Using a thick moisturiser is an essential part of my winter skin routine! I need something hydrating which won’t make my skin feel tight when I go outside and this cream is that! It’s super thick, almost like a paste so don’t over-do it because a small bit goes a long way! It smells like menthol which, I really like and can be used anywhere on your body.. BONUS POINTS!

Dr. Lipp Nipple Balm For Lips – £11.50 for 15ml
Don’t be too alarmed by the name and yes.. It’s main purpose was for that area however, for the lips, it’s incredible! It’s a super thick consistency and is amazingly long lasting! For me, the first things that gets dry are my lips and hands and I use this balm for both of those areas and I never experience any problems!

MAC Face and Body Foundation – £27 for 15ml
This is one of those products that works all year round however, it holds a special place in my heart in winter when my skin looks dry and I want to look glowing! It’s a really light coverage foundation however, is build able! It looks really dewy on the skin and doesn’t emphasise dry areas. I wouldn’t say it hydrates my skin but, gives the illusion of hydrated skin and in winter, what more could you want out of your foundation?!

KIKO Perfect Eyes Duo Highlighter Pencil – £6.90
Highlighter is my best friend in winter when my skin looks dry and like I’ve never drank water in my life! It helps to add a glow back in your skin so I’m not walking around with a prune face! It’s been fairly sunny recently and this highlighter looks great when it catches the light! Love me a bit of highlighter!

What are your winter essentials?


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