Fe-Blog-Uary Day 16 – FYI.. Foundation Brushes


When of my favourite brushes to buy are foundation brushes.. More so, new and innovative types of them! I have got back into using foundation this month perhaps, because I want to use up all the foundations I have! Brushes can change the way your foundation look.. From making them look patchy to flawless, dry to dewy, cakey to natural! Here’s the different kinds of brushes you get and what I like to use them for.

Paddle Foundation Brush
This brush is perhaps the most common brush used for foundation. It usually has a curved edge and is relatively flat. Foundation is applied almost in a lasting fashion where you spread the product around. This works well for spreading primers and pre-foundation products too. It is good for use with any foundation with any coverage however, is likely to create streaks! Try blending in foundation with hands after using this to create a flawless base.

Rounded Buffing Brush
Perhaps one of the most interesting concepts of brushes is this rounded brush. The bristles are dense and completely spherical with a round barrel and arched tip. This brush is amazing for really getting foundation into the crevices of the face. It makes foundation look flawless and really natural because you’re supposed to blend the foundation in by buffing it into the skin. This foundation works wonders with heavy coverage foundations because it manages to make it look like real skin.

Flat Top Buffing Brush
This is another common brush which is becoming the go-to brush for make up lovers. The bristles are dense and create a completely spherical brush with a flat top. This brush is excellent for getting the most coverage out if your foundation. It is buffed into the skin but because it is flat, it helps to build up product the more you buff, this creating more coverage! It creates a gorgeous base which is just like skin.. But better! This works really well with powder foundations too because the brush deposits and just buffs it into the skin rather than soaking up the powder!

Small Flat Top Kabuki Brush
There are quite a few variants of this brush but this one is the rarest brush you find people using, in my opinion. This is usually a fairly sparsely dense brush which have a rounded barrel and completely flat top. This brush is really small in size and is great for precision application! The idea is to stipple this on the skin so the product sits on top of the skin rather than sinking in and often creates a high coverage look. The smaller the brush, the more precision you get and the more you can build up foundations. Be careful to not get your foundation too cakey with this one though.

Big Stippling Brush
This is exactly the same brush as the one at the top however, is much larger. The larger the brush, the more you can get done. It might take a while to stipple on foundation to make it look natural because it can be streaky and look thick, but generally, this is a really good brush for getting things done quickly!

The Duo Fibre Brush
The brush that has broken the mould in foundation and is a new innovative design. This brush consists of long synthetic fibres in the middle and short natural hair on the sides. The idea is that product sits in the central synthetic hairs and the natural hair around it, blends the product in. This really helps to create a natural look and this particular brush is so small, it works great with concealer too! It might be streaky if using a watery foundation but a light- medium coverage works really well and looks flawless!

Synthetic: Unnatural manmade hair bristles which work best with liquid
Natural: Real fibres usually made if goat hair which pick up powders really well

Brushes shown:
SuperDrug £2 Foundation Brush
Real Techniques Expert Face Brush
Real Techniques Buffing a Brush
Real Techniques Stippling Brush
MAC 187 Brush
MAC 130 Brush


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