Fe-Blog-Uary Day 15 – Highlighter Smackdown

When it comes to highlighters, I am not seen without it these days! It’s a life saver during the winter when your skin looks dull and dry and you need a pick-me-up on your face so that you don’t look like you’re drying up rapido!


However, is it worth getting a high end highlighter when there are so many other alternatives in the drug store? Let’s take a look at two of of my favourite highlighters which I use alternatively everyday to see which one comes out on top!


Sleek Contour Kit in ‘Medium’ £6.49 (0.48oz)
When I first bought this product from Sleek, I got it for the brown powder for contouring however, I’ve since ditched the other side and have completely fallen in love with the highlighter that comes with it! An amazing goldy-nude powder highlighter which is so buttery and smooth to apply, that it makes your skin look like you’re glowing from within!

Benefit Watt’s Up – £24.50 (0.33oz)
I have a sample of this that I received in a book of theirs and ever since I have bought it, I can’t stop using it! I constantly reach for this because it’s so easy to apply from the stick and because it’s cream and mega easy to blend! It’s a beautiful yellowy-gold which catches the light just right and makes you look almost like you’re made out of plastic.. Fantastic!


Let’s judge these amazing highlighters on three grounds:
The Sleek Contour Kit comes cheaper and with another product within its packaging too! Obviously being drug store, it would be cheaper so those with a smaller budget should avoid going for the dearer Benefit Watt’s Up because it would create quite a big dent in ye olde purse!


The Sleek highlighter is smooth to apply and clings to brushes like it’s magnetised! It’s really easy to blend and feels almost buttery even though it’s a powder! It’s easy to access from within the packaging and the packaging is generally really really nice and sturdy coming with a decent sized mirror for ease of application!

The Benefit highlighter is a gorgeous creamy texture and again blends effortlessly! It has an easy twist up tube like mechanism which means it stays secure and safe and you don’t need to faff with brushes! It’s really nice to travel with too because of its nice little size (as mine is a sample size).

The Sleek highlighter leaves a really nice glow to the skin which looks as though you’re glowing from within! It’s not artificial in any way! It is a little more pink toned which makes it noticeable but it doesn’t look off or awkward on my skin tone at all! Generally, there’s a strong glitter running through it but it looks like a sheen to the cheek when it’s actually on the face!


The Benefit highlighter is really nice to just swipe on and looks like a super high shine effect on the face! People would mistake your face for looking wet, were it not for the fact the rest of your face is dry! It looks really natural on the skin and because the glitter running through it is yellow and orange toned, this would suit anyone! It’s a really nice loud yet easy to wear highlighter

The Verdict
All things considered, I’d have to say that the Sleek Highlighter is just too good to be true! I think I’m more surprised than anything because this product isn’t mainly about the highlighter, it’s about the contour colour however, it’s changed my makeup routine! For the value, it doesn’t get better and because it looks so darn good on my skin tone, no matter where I am in my tanning cycle, it fits in with my everyday skin tone! The Benefit lacks in value for me because there seems to have been more money soent on the packaging then the product, which frustrates me from a high end brand! The product is really good and by no means rubbish, however, I think I like the ease of it all because I don’t need brushes or anything! Although it’s quite plastic like, I feel as though most people would stray from it because it is so high-shine and is so expensive, it’s a true investment!

Have you tried any of these highlighters? What highlighter is your favourite?

6 thoughts on “Fe-Blog-Uary Day 15 – Highlighter Smackdown

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  1. I am not a huge highlighter fan as they just don’t work well on me, but I must say from your presentation the Sleek one is by far the best choice considering results and price. :)

    1. I’m glad you like the one I like! Highlighter is something I used to be a little confused on but I enjoy using it now! The Sleek is just AMAZEBALLS.. Hands down!

  2. Reblogged this on pinkpiper and commented:
    A great highlighter test! As much as I love Benefit, their highlighter shows up dark orange on my fare skin in certain lights so I cannot use it. Does anyone have a favorite highlighter they would like to share?

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