Fe-Blog-Uary Day 14 – HD Brow Kit Review


Okee dokee! I’ve finally managed to get my paws on the HD Brow kit and was so excited to review it and let you guys know my thoughts on it!

I’m not usually an ‘eyebrow’ kind of girl.. Perhaps because this new fad of big and bold brows is fairly new. The most I do is slick some clear mascara through them so they don’t look crazy otherwise, I don’t touch them really! The shape is natural and I barely touch them up.. In fact, I prefer the way they look when they’re at their messiest!

Saying that though, we all have those days when you’ve tweezed a hair you shouldn’t have and have created what look like the Grand Canyon in your eyebrow.. Not the best look for me! HD brows is actually a treatment whereby qualified beauticians shape and help maintain your brows for those of us who struggle with it and this kit is an extension of that for our ‘at home’ needs!

The kit is basically a quad of four eyebrow powders which are the smoothest powders I’ve ever used! I was literally shocked when I swatched them for the first because they felt like butter! They’re so easy to blend because of the soft texture and they’re strongly pigmented like no other! There are four shades which come in the kit and this one is one of the darkest.. Foxy (that’s the name.. Not a statement). All of the shades are perfect for creating the perfect brow and I love the idea of using the different shades for a more 3D looking brow.

I felt like the powders applied beautifully and were so easy to use! I used the angle brush that came in the kit and the other end to slightly buff out the product.. I then used the cream colour on my brow bone to highlight.

All in all, I love this little bundle of joy! I don’t think I’d use it everyday because eyebrows just aren’t my thing however, I can’t wait to use it when I’m next in the mood and until then, I’ve been using these as eyeshadows everyday! They make great crease colours!

You get get the kit here for £19.96
I got mine in a Limited Edition Christmas Latest in Beauty Box :)


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