Fe-Blog-Uary Day 13 – MUA Blusher Review


I done a haul post recently which features some new blushers that I got from MUA which cost £1 each and as soon as I tried them, I knew I wanted to review them on here!


I have three shades: Marshmallow, which is a bright pink; Bubblegum, which a deep pink and Cupcake which is a neutral brown shade. After trying these three colours, I want to try more!


I can’t believe how well these blushers turned out to be! For £1 each, they are as good as MAC blushers! The pigmentation is so good and they blend effortlessly on the skin! They pick up well on synthetic and natural bristles brushes and I’ve even applied these beautifully with fingers! I love the colour range which I think houses a shade for anyone’s preference and the fact that the blusher is almost completely matte with the glitter in it being almost undetectable! They are really long lasting and blushers don’t really last well on me.. In fact, the swatches were actually really hard to get off my fingers and hand!


They swatch so well and this just by swiping my finger over the pan a few times! Granted, the packaging doesn’t feel amazing and I’d probably break it of I dropped it however, I’d rather they keep a lower grade packaging and concentrate their efforts on the product, like they have! MUA don’t always stand out to me because I often think of them as being a little ‘cheap’ however, I want to try more products from them now! I’m definitely going to pick up some more shades next time I see them! The Cupcake shade can even be used as a really natural contour shade and it looks amazing!

I’m really surprised by these blushers and they haven’t left my morning makeup routine ever since I bought them! So make sure you pick these up from Superdrug next time you’re there! You can’t really go wrong with £1!


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