Fe-Blog-Uary Day 9 – Look Beauty Mini Makeover Review


In one of my local Superdrug stores, I saw that they had started stocking a new brand called Look Beauty! It looks amazing in the display unit with all the packaging super soft looking and all fairly neutral toned products! When I saw this little palette and swatched it, I was just shocked at how much it cost and how good the pigmentation was!


So the palette comes in different varieties depending on the colour of the eyes and I chose the ‘Baby Blue Eyes’ palette just because I really like the colours! The shades would definitely look good on blue eyes but I think that this palette has the shades which are the most versatile for all eye colours and skin tones! There are 8 eyeshadows which are all really shimmery or super chunky glitters (I know this because the packaging is always covered in fallout), 4 lip colours (ranging from skin to dark shades) and a blush.


There are 4 eyeshadow colours which are super chunky thus, are super pigmented and look really good on the eyes! All of the eyeshadows have quite a lot of fallout but are generally ok quality for the price! The colours look good as just a simple wash over the eyelid or even when blended together!


The four lip colours are quite hard to use unless you get to them with a brush but, surprisingly I really like them! They’re glosses so are so quite shiny and really moisturising! The colours range from a brown toned nude, a pink, peach and nude! A really nice colour range!


The blusher is the thing I love the most about this palette! It’s a gorgeous true peach shade with gold glitter! A completely dupe for Nars’ Orgasm! I really like how pigmented it is and it is one of those colours that looks good on anyone! It’s super creamy to apply and although a little chalky, it’s still really easy to use!

This whole palette in my opinion is brilliant! At £6, you can’t really go wrong! If you’re new to make up, or of like me, you just love the idea of a travel friendly palette with everything in it, this is definitely for you! I can see myself using this whenever I go away! Woohoo!


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