Fe-Blog-Uary Day 8 – Beauty Bay Valentines Box


I received an email from BeautyBay.com recently showing a new beauty box that they were releasing for a limited time for Valentines day! I have always wanted to try Beauty Bay’s new makeup line because it seems so ‘Me’ and because it was affordable, I knew one day I’d get something from the range! They have a whole makeup line so I never knew what to choose until I saw this pre-chosen ‘Glossy-Box-Style’ £20 box of goodies and I snapped it up!

Inside you get:
An Eyeshadow Palette
A Lipstick
A Detangling Hair Brush
A Blending Sponge
2 Eye Brushes

And for £20, it’s quite the bargain! After trying a few of the products and playing about with it, I have made a verdict on what I think of it.. Read on for a review!


The Eyeshadow Palette ‘Flawless Rose’ – £15
It’s a really nice looking palette with 12 HUGE natural coloured eyeshadow pans! It come in a sleeve which then reveals it’s plastic casing which I don’t mind! It’s sleek and matte so, easy to clean! The eyeshadows let me down quite a bit because of their lack of pigmentation and blend-ability! They weren’t too easy to use and they didn’t really show up on me at all!

The Lipstick ‘Sultry Ruby’ – £5
The lipstick comes in a similar type of plastic tube with the name written on the bottom! It feels quite cheap and my lipstick bullet was damaged quite a bit even though it seemed unopened. The lipstick is moisturising and smooth however is patchy and feels quite sticky! The colour pay off is quite good although, I thought the shade would be slighter lighter judging from the online images on BeautyBay’s website.

A Detangling Hair Brush – £5
The Creme de la Creme of the box! This brush is basically like a Tangle Teaser with a handle! I love my tangle teaser for sure but it does frustrate me when I can’t grab on to it properly because of its lack of handle! This is really nice and big, removes tangles easily and is a super colour (Bright Pink)! My favourite thing from the box!

A Blending Sponge – £5
I’ve always wanted to try one of these and this was one if the items that sold me on buying the box online! Much like the original Beauty Blender, this is really soft and after soaking in water and wringing out any excess, it fattens up and is ready to take on your face (Much like I am every morning!). It is really smooth to use and does blend effortlessly! It’s got a nice pointy tip for hard to reach areas and isn’t hard on the skin or anything so SUPER!

2 Eye Brushes ‘Lash/Brow Comb’ – £4 & ‘Angled Eyeliner Brush’ – £4
The last two things disappointed me a little! After giving an eyeshadow palette, I thought if get a nice blending brush of some sort however, the eyeliner and brow brush/ lash comb came and I didn’t really care for them! They’re ok having soft bristles although they’re synthetic and don’t really work too well with the eyeshadows from the palette which isn’t too great. Overall, these are ok but nothing special!

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