Fe-Blog-Uary Day 7 – Maybelline Baby Skin Review


I put up a post recently, showing a haul of all the new make up and beauty products I purchased from Superdrug (A UK drug store) and Maybelline’s Baby Skin was one of the products I bought! There are a tonne of reviews on this stuff but I had to get my opinion in too.. Because it had BLOWN my mind!

I’ve always had the type of skin that absorbs makeup and nothing on my face really lasts well – even when I use a primer. I have ginormous pores that are really noticeable and I don’t always wear foundation! Maybelline’s Baby Skin is a pore erasing primer.. Basically, my dream! I can’t believe how well this makes my make up last.. 18 hours last night! Usually my baby wipe looks clean at the end of the day because my make up has worn off but for the first time in ages, I noticed some blusher and powder on the wipe.. I was shocked!

It’s a really nice and compact sized tube with a nozzle and you squeeze the product out. The product itself is a really thin gel like consistency which I always think feels like suede! It really does fill in pores and and doesn’t feel like anything at all on the skin other than a smooth base and foundation glides on really well! This is a much more affordable version of Benefit’s Porefessional and frankly, I think it’s better! I have oily skin and it controls shine, is so easy to use and you only need a tiny bit.. Basically, I love it! Definitely grab it if you see because it’s a steal at £7.99!

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