Hi guys!!!

So I realised after blogging April, I’ve been a bit MIA and haven’t been blogging as much! I suppose the easiest way to explain why is just: I lost my MOJO. That and paired with the fact that I didn’t know what to blog about.. Made it hard for me to post as regularly!

There has been a few other things going on too such as me falling down the stairs; which, as humorous as I was after, didn’t feel as good for a few days after.. LOL!

There’s not a tonne of new things going on in my life now so I’ll be sure to keep on top of blog posts.. In fact.. I’ll be blogging everyday during the month of Ramadhan!

For those of you who are unaware, Ramadhan is a special month for Muslims because we fast during daylight hours which thanks to GMT is working against us at the moment and we won’t be eating for 20 hours!! So from Wednesday 10th July until 10th August, I’ll have a new blog post out! I will try to have it posted by 10am GMT so keep your inboxes peeled!

Where else to find me:
Instagram: @inherbubble

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