My new Rebecca Minkoff Mini M.A.C

Ok so I’ve never indulged in a high end bag for myself before! Some may argue that this isn’t high end but its the most I’ve ever spent on a bag EVER!

I knew I wanted a small bag ever since I started using satchels a lot but they were all MASSIVE and a lot of the bags I have are HUGE!

Choosing which colour and design took me a long time and I pondered over a shade which was bright, but not neon. And something that I could wear all year round! I was going to give up and get a black M.A.C but then I saw this one and I fell in love!!! Take a look and tell me what you think! I LOVE IT!!!!










It’s a gorgeous magenta shade and I think it’ll go with everything!! I love the gold detailing with it because I think it compliments the black that I tend to always wear!

P.S. look that’s inside the bag..

Pick up the phone Vincent!

You can purchase the bag here!

3 thoughts on “My new Rebecca Minkoff Mini M.A.C

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  1. Hey there love this color but it looks like it’s sold out. What’s the name of the purple shade off the hang tag?

    1. Hi! An amazing bag, I know! I’ve loved using it! Unfortunately, the bag looks to be sold out! I know the bag is called Mini MAC but have no idea of the shade.. I wish I could tell you where else to buy it but because Rebecca Minkoff isn’t sold in the UK, I wouldn’t know where to start.. Nordstrom? Bloomingdales? Sorry I can’t help more X

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