I know I’ve been MIA in the blogging world lately and it’s because I’ve been so busy!!!

I work in a phone shop so with the release of the iPhone 5 soon and the fact we have 2 staff members on holiday, I’ve been really busy at work where I’m doing the most rubbish hours!

When I’ve been coming home, I’ve been re-organising all my belongings and trying to put everything in a safe and secure place! It wasn’t really messy before but I’m finding a box and keeping the stuff I use more regularly in a proper place!

I got I’ll recently due to stress and being a little over-worked! My head was always so fuzzy and full of thoughts that I mess that I needed to at least make my room my haven and a place to relax!



I’ll be cleaning my room for the next 2 days after work however, expect a blog post on Friday and I’ll be blogging all day on Saturday about the adventures I get up to! I got lots planned!

Keep up to date with my twitter @inherbubble and my Facebook!

Hope your guys are having a lovely week!

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