I thought if give you an update on me at the moment!

So there’s not many fasts left at all and I’m loving the weather at the moment too! I can’t wait until the weekend when hopefully there will be AMAZING Weather so we Muslims can celebrate Eid in style!

Work is wearing me out :( I’m actually knackered at the moment! The summer holiday/ vacation time is in full flow at the present, so parents are going all over the place to find what their kids want and are soaring no expense!

As well as this, life goes on and I’ve been running around like a headless chicken to find an address, we’ve had frustrated customers who are fasting and don’t have much patience left!

I’ve been having a lot of iftaari parties lately! I’ve been to charity events, family gatherings and have a special get together on Friday too! Before you know it, Eid will be here on Sunday and we’ll all wonder where Ramadhan went!

It’s actually been really easy! Has completely shattered me though!



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