5 ways to keep happy

1.) The world will put you down for SURE! Life isn’t all rosy.. The best way to understand this is by accepting it. Just like how you know a rainy day will slow down all the things you had planned but you carry on.. Your life should stay the same so put your umbrella up and with your head held high.. Reach for the sky!

2.) There are 7 billion people in the world and 7 billion personalities! You won’t get along with everyone but you can’t be mad at people because they are different to you.. I’m not just talking about race.. I’m talking about girls who get angry when other girls look at them and boys who have an inferiority problem with other boys.. Time to get used to the fact that you’re not here alone on this planet

3.) There is always someone worse off than you. But this doesn’t mean you are better than them. You may hate your parents because they won’t let you go to that party but then there are people who have no parents. Then there are people who have no family. Then there are people who have no friends. Then there are people who are so severely disabled, they don’t even know when their own mother is standing in front of them. You need to be strong and remember the worst time in your life when you got through the most traumatic thing ever and be even stronger!!

4.) Be proud to be yourself! If you’re a punk.. Be a punk! If you’re a girly girl.. Be a girly girl! Invest in your interests and don’t be afraid of them! If your friend says she hates a song but you love it.. BLAST IT FROM YOUR BEDROOM! What are they going to do? Close their ears? Be what you are and don’t be ashamed of that.

5.) Live every single minute as though it’s your last! Don’t fight with pointless people! Lead by being an excellent example rather than following the herd! If you knew you were about to get run over by a bus, what would you do differently right now? So as I sit on my sofa writing this post drinking my tea.. What would I do different? I would jump up.. Walk to the kitchen and get that chocolate, dunk it in my tea and enjoy the melted joy in my mouth and I don’t care who thinks its disgusting!


Yesterday is history, Tomorrow is a mystery and Today is a gift.. That is why it’s called the Present :)


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