So i love me some “retail therapy”! I’m sure the men in my life would call it “break the bank-apy”.. But Look guys.. A girl has gots to do what a girl has gots to do.

When you go shopping and a pair of shoes call you.. You can’t ignore them! You wouldn’t do that to a real person and I’m not going to start doing that to shoes!

Shoes are my obsession! Wearing an abaya means. tops, trousers and all that jazz are a waste of time for me! Gimme a pair of platform heels with a red sole and black suede top any day! I done a post a while back on some of my must have shoes from New Look and they were FANTASTIC! So imagine my excitement when i recently found out a Deichmann Store opened in the town i work in! OMG! I love that store. I think the best thing about High Street shops are the shoes they sell and i think their clothes are second best. So when i stumbled into a Deichmann on Westfield Shepherds Bush, I was ecstatic! I GOT A BAG, SHOES, SCARVES THE LOT! Their prices are amazing, they’re available online and now they’re opening more and more store!

I have quite a few of their shoes which i purchased for myself and my mum! I also love some of the bags they do! Honestly girls.. These bags are like £12! follow the link below and look for yourself!

Btw.. For the men out there.. They sell men’s shoes too with brands like Nike, Adidas and Fila!

They deliver to lots of countries in the EU for FREE! WOO!


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