F to the asting!

It’s here! IT’S ARRIVED! And it’s more bigger than ever! Are you talking about a party, Bubbles, I hear you ask.. No, my dears! Its the most magical time in the world for us Muslims! Ramadhan! Woopeeeeeee! Granted.. This one will probably be the hardest one that we’ll ever have to endure but I’m so ready! I just can’t wait for all the excitement that comes before, after and during the fast! IT’S PROBABLY THE MOST EXCITED I’VE EVER BEEN!

For all of you who don’t celebrate Ramadhan, let me just tell you a little bit about it as not eating during the hours of daylight is just one of the factors. The main thing for Muslims is that our Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) did this. The fast means there is nothing to be consumed AT ALL during the daylight hours which is from dusk until dawn. This year there has been a lot of drama about these timings for some reason. Ramadhan lasts 30 days. No water, food and some people even restrict themselves from using toothpaste (although this fact is disputed). A lot of people who know well of our religion will know that Muslims are a lot more humble during this month. The retention of food is the smallest retraction in our lives as we concentrate more about bettering ourselves. We want to detox our mind, body and soul and purify it of the ill-thoughts, bad habits and lethal ways we have. Although it seems harsh, we try to clarify our minds so we only think religious and more often than not, clean and pure thoughts. We are more religious during this time and as a result, Our Lord has said the reward for our hardship and efforts are given 70 times more rewards. Children are expected to fast from an age their parents feel fir (usually around 9/10 years of age) however, they don’t have to keep a full fast if they feel they can’t do it.

This month changes as does the Arabic calendar, because of the lunar cycle. Every year the month will go back 10 days, thus, there will come a day where we will be fasting on the longest daY of the year. The harder the fast and the more you struggle to complete, the higher the reward.. SIMPLES! So Christians have something similar.. whereby they can fast for as long as they wish to cleanse themselves of their sins. Hindu women fast for their blokes as a form of welfare for their husbands well being. And I’m quite sure almost all other major religions also have a similar tradition.

Next time you see a Muslim, say “SALAAM!” Ask how their “roza” is going and they’ll give you a free hug! Come on.. Can’t be that hard for a hug :)

Fasting is a form detox. People diet. People do yoga. People do therapy. Muslims fast.

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