In the UK, a certain type of biscuit is called a cookie and we don’t call all biscuits cookies. The kind of cookie i’m referring to is often a chocolate chunk/ chip cookie! Picture below

My tips:

  1. If you have a packet of chocolate chips/ chunks, use it all in the mixture. If you have 2 packets, then use that as well! There is no end to the amount of backflips our mouth can do so the more you put in, the more beautiful it tastes.
  2. Cookies only need a small amount of time in the oven, and although they may seen soft when you check them after 15 minutes, they will harden A LOT. Be sure to only cook a mixture for no more than 20-25 minutes and if when you take it out, its still chewy, you got yourself some cookie dough ;) To make them harder next time, use less liquid in the next batter you make.
  3. Everyone makes mistakes, ok! The first time I made cookies, they turned so brown and hard, i was thinking about donating them to the local hockey team to use as pucks! S*** happens and mostly in the kitchen. If you’re worried, make the batter and only make one cookie, test it and if it’s as good as you wanted, you’re a baker.. THE BEST BAKER!
  4. Cookies can be mixed and matched so you can mix and match whatever you want in them. Use berries and chocolate together but try to use complimenting flavours and don’t add the whole poultry.
  5. These babies take less than half an hour to make and bake, so when it doubt, roll them out! don’t bother with fancy shapes etc, because real ragged edged cookies that look and smell homemade, look fantastic.
  6. Use cookies baking as an aroma. When throwing a dinner party, before they arrive, bake a few cookies in the oven and leave the oven door open when they arrive because the smell of fresh cookies is a true Godsend
  7. I always say this nut.. HAVE FUN! I do this with my little cousins and my friends children and they love making them. Use it a treat and learning experience because its fantastic. You don’t need to buy measurable ingredients cause it can get messy when kids are involved, so just get a ready mix from the baking isle of your grocery store, supermarket etc and enjoy it.


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