So I ventured into a baking mode today and made MUFFINS! Blueberry to be precise and they were LOVELY!

I was following a Nigella recipe And although it was good.. I had to edit it a bit!

The first time I had ever made muffins was quite the experience! With a cake, you bake it and hope it goes well but muffins are kind of like the fundamental way to bake cause you can make one and test it, trying to improve it.

Some tips:

  • When making muffins.. Leave the ready made mixture for a while in a hot place because the mixture gets a little softer, making the muffins more fluffy and gorgeous to eat.. This is especially good if you find you make cakes too tough! So make the mixture first and then cook dinner with the mixture bowl on the counter top :)
  • When using berries, dry them excessively and aim to use fresh rather than tin because you can drain them more easily. Ensure if you do leave the mixture in a warm place, you add them just before baking as they turn MEGA sour.. Making your muffins really salty
  • You can half the mixture and make some different varieties in one go! Kill two birds with 1 chocolate chip! I recently made half with blueberries and half with chocolate chips!
  • When making chocolate muffins.. Melt some of the other type of chocolate e.g. If making white choc muffins, melt milk chocolate and then drizzle this over the muffins just before serving and its like you’ve died and gone to heaven!
  • HAVE FUN!!!! Muffins, cupcakes etc are where you can get creative! If you want a topping on your muffins.. It won’t make it a cupcake.. It makes it a muf-cake and Hey Presto, you’ve invented your own dessert!
  • Remember that when making muffins, you check them more regularly than you would another cake because they can get tough if left in the oven for too long. When they are removed from the oven and cooled, they harden a bit so remove them when they’re just a little soft


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