Ladies and Jellymen!

Ah the weekend! The beautiful day off from the strenuous week that went by and lies ahead!

A break from the boss, in your ear telling you to do a job that technically he doesn’t pay for out of his own pocket!

A day of rest from the dreaded customers who come and litter the shop bringing their trivial problems with the idea that I have all the answers.

A chance to reflect on all the excuses that are feasible to give your manager so you can have a day off. (A favourite.. I have a disease and need to stay away from all the things that cause me allergies.. Good bye)

A second to breathe in the fresh air rather than being stuck in a shop, in a mall in the middle of nowhere where it seems that the people who like little or no social interaction, charge themselves.

But I got to give it to my job! Without it, I wouldn’t be able to enjoy little pleasures like this..



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