Sunday morning/ week long/ bursting to come out/ explosive/ long.. Rant.

Where to start?
Then when will it end?

Ok let’s start from the top..


As a woman who will soon become twenty, the responsibility to do the ‘bigger‘ jobs in the household has now been graciously passed down to me. Something which most people would be more than happy with! But!! Not when I’m a baby at heart! I still dream of rainbows and lollipops and call my parents: mummy and daddy.

This wedding stuff is driving me insane! There is tonnes to do still and every job seems to be taking centuries longer than what I have planned. That’s men for you, my brother first says he wants one thing and then changes his mind last minute. At the same time, I’m trying to live my life and even so much as a day out shopping, is interrupted with thoughts of wedding preparation.

See, I know what I want! I’ve thought about it for a week, seen all the options and decided! I have it written down and the magazines lie there with their corners folded and the websites have been bookmarked! The decisions have been made and all I need now is PayPal to help a user out.

Next: WORK!

Don’t get me started! The shops are dead! Every day is dragging out more and more because time is going so slow. And because I’m in a shopping centre, I never see daylight! It’s like a prison sentence! We’ll be doing longer hours for Xmas shopping soon and I’m sure mum will be most pleased (not). I still have to break the news to her! All the shops have sales early this year because they made such a loss in November! Everyone is waiting for the sales after Xmas! Black Friday kind of concept for us Brits but only for weeks rather than just one day. Just shows how cash strapped we are, really. The Prime Minister has gone on holidayS more times than I have :( ridonkulous! Well, I say cash strapped.. But we have started to make what were luxuries, into necessities! E.g. Mobile phones, televisions, fashion etc. We only have ourselves to blame! Humans are selfish by nature. We will always look out for ourselves before others. Yes I look after myself, but I give just as much to charity. Muslims have to! And I think that’s humble! It keeps us grounded.. And always reminds you to save money for those who can’t do it for themselves.
We save money to buy iPhones and laptops, but their money goes towards food for living! Something which we waste, everyday!

Next: TURNING 20!

I don’t remember having a birthday where I didn’t cry. I remember last year when I turned 19 and I wasn’t at school and had no work. No one said it but inside: failure. To me I was invincible but I lost so much confidence! Unbelievable amounts! So much stuff was going on, I forgot I needed to move on. My parents didn’t mind at all! My mum had someone to take her shopping with and my dad had a helping hand. I didn’t mind at all, but I wish they encouraged me not to waste time and do something constructive. I love my parents to death! I would die for them! I live and breathe for them! And I would not have it any other way. Even when I’m married, if mum is upset or dad needs help, I would drop everything! In a hurry I’d be with them. They have done a hundred (million) times more for me so for me to do that, is minuscule!

Lots to do today! The evening brings raving girls to my home so X Factor looks like it will be recorded! Mum wants to discuss the wedding arrangements with them and they love a good wedding!

Oh the joys of being Asian.


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