The brave face of beauty

On the other hand, I was reading an article in Daily Mail about how a girl who suffers from quite severe acne hides her blemishes!

So Cassandra on diamondsandheels14 on YouTube, used makeup forever HD foundation on her face! Her skin looked flawless! But to tell the truth, it made me think how much make up can change a woman’s confidence.

Most men don’t wear make up and I wonder whether this is because they are more confident. It’s not unknown that ‘women hide behind men’. If I’m honest, I’ve never really depended on my other half. May be that’s cause he’s far away, so to ask him to bring milk on the way home would mean me receiving it in 2 weeks time!

So Daily Mail said it best about how Cassandra was so vulnerable-looking before she put on her make up, but so fresh faced after! That’s how I feel inside.. But I don’t show it on the outside! Women have AMAZING pressure to look their best all times. Sometimes, we forget those people, who have imperfections that they can’t get rid of! So what should they do!? I’m sure Cassandra is fed up of doing make up EVERY DAY! But like most women, MUST have her best face on.

So to all those women who get a spot and rush for the concealer, don’t!

Acne is curable! Low-self esteem isn’t as easy to cure..

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