Wedding anniversary!

It was mum and dad’s wedding anniversary not too long ago! I had completely forgot about it!!! Thanks to Siri my beautiful friend, I managed to quickly get them a little something! Dad got a wallet and mum got a perfume and scarf!

So currently it’s 3am here in London town! Awkward start to the blog for me cause I’ve been asleep since 8pm and I’ve woken up lost and confused! I don’t know where I am! Hello, is this Earth? Lol! I tried to write a blog the other day on my iPhone and I was almost ready to post it! So I locked the screen without copying the post and I lost it all! It was such a long one as well! That’s why I haven’t blogged in a few days! Think WordPress should save drafts as default!

Anyway.. YEAH! Mum and dads wedding anniversary! It was good! We didn’t really do anything and typical mum and dad didn’t even know it was such a special day! 29 years! I hope I can mimick that!

They’ve had an amazing time together! They’ve also had the worst! And as much as they do panic when things go wrong, they are the strongest people I know!? If someone was to hear about their life and the things they’ve experienced, They’d be shocked! Not only is it an eventful marriage, but then to have so many years!? WOW! I hope the next year (pearl), will be a little better thanks to Siri, who will remind me a day before! :O may be next year Apple will invent a device for your brain! Plug it into your ear and it gives you memory! So you’ll randomly hear: Ring Ring; here’s your reminder for Mum and Dads anniversary!

Amazing ideas! I’m full of them!

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