The cruel face of ‘beauty’

This is about to be a full blown rant about a fully stupid yet highly influential topic:

A woman’s image.

Ok! Let’s start!
Today I was reading the paper during my lunch break when I came across an article about a model called Karlie Kloss. It read: Move over, Elle: Karlie Kloss is hailed the new ‘Body’ as she poses nude for Vogue.

I was shocked! How could this skinny, scrawny naked model be called acceptable by publishers, to be placed in a newspaper? I was amazed at the nudity to start with. As someone who covers her modesty from head to toe, to see this was an exposure to the max!!!!!! I know how images can be ‘tasteful‘ but nude models in fashion doesn’t make sense to me? Surely if it’s a FASHION magazine, shouldn’t she be wearing clothes? Somewhere along the line, fashion is now one word: Topshop. Anything sold at TopShop is deemed as the latest trend. But just a few years ago, a fashionable girl was someone who made a unique and workable sense of style. Now it seems as though; messy hair, baggy cardigan, tight leggings and chunky boots is all that Is deemed as trendy.

So yeah, Kloss is completely naked and Daily Mail have claimed that she has a built body? I highly doubt 6 ribs showing replaces a 6 pack of abs! For a newspaper that is always documenting serious consequences of children feeling pressured to look a certain way and not achieving that goal, I’m surprised. Then again I’m not. Daily mail isn’t exactly known as the most ‘culturally diverse‘ magazine: I’ve read the snide remarks about Muslims and Islam and often the blatant disrespect to them. But I thought at stuff like modelling, they’d have some success at leading the right path.

I’ve noticed how news is always bad nowadays and you never read anything good happening in the world. But then to say that a boney model is a ‘must-have’ body, just seems wrong to me. No wonder so many children get bullied these days for not looking a certain way. And because of that, the child suicide rate is climbing too. Just look at Rosey Huntington- Whitely and so many other models who say that they were bullied for their looks and now they’re models. This pressure that is put on women to look a certain way, Not for men, but for the benefit of other women.. Just to show that you are well groomed and look after yourself. Unacceptable.

I’m upset to say the least that this is what it’s come to. To have a beautiful woman have expose herself, or have to lose weight or do anything that doesn’t make her feel herself, is what she HAS to do to fit in. It’s like childbirth is something a woman HAS to accept doing at one point in her life.. Being modelesque is now another.

I think women should be whatever they want! Yeah I cover up, but that’s cause I know underneath that I’m HOT! I’m not being big headed but I am. I naturally like good food and am quitehealthy lifestyle- wise so I’m blessed. But I don’t feel the need to show it off. If I wear baggy clothes and look fat on the outside, I don’t care! At the end of the day, I’m happy with myself. If anything I’m more conscious of my body, cause they say: “you are your worst critic“, so I nit pick at tiny imperfections! But only up to the point where it feels right! If short hair is in, but I think I look good in long, that hair won’t go near a scissor!

I’m not fat and I’m not skinny and I don’t limit myself to looking a certain way. I do my make up how I feel like and I wear what clothes I feel comfortable in. I think every woman should be the same! So be strong! Be brave! If you want to wear all the colours of the rainbow on your face: DO IT! If that is you, then be you!

Wake up every morning, look in the mirror and say:

I Love Myself

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