I’m not the biggest fan of animals if I’m honest! I like the look of some of them because thy are cute and stuff! Fish’s have to be the Prettiest animals! They’re amazingly amazing! Lol! I love the way they can swim! And the colours are so vibrant!

Whereas cats and dogs, I’m not so keen on! I saw a dead animal in the middle of a road today and it was causing so much traffic!! I was wondering what it was, but the respect (kind of) that people were paying to it! Instead of running over it, they were waiting until they could safely go round it! So no one would move it, but everyone would move around it!

I heard a story in the newspaper today of how a man brutally killed a dog! He tied it up to his back of his car and dragged it for miles at high speeds! I’m not an animal lover.. But I know evil when I see it! No one harms something with feelings! No way should people be allowed to treat ANYTHING like that! Although the murderer who done it, handed himself in.. It makes me wonder how they can sleep at night?! I wish the worst to those type of people!

Animals are amazing creatures! They help us in times of need more than they do, eat us! We eat them and they don’t do anything! My religion says animals were made for eating! (certain animals but not all)! But we were also told to care for animals! As if we would our children.. Because they are what let us have a living! E.g. Farmers, travellers (their horses) and humans who sustain themselves with meat in order to earn a living.

I think we don’t give them enough credit! I’m not saying we should worship them, but we should look after them beautifully! They are little bits of happiness in our lives! And they never let us down..

humans will hurt you and your dog will always be there to look after you</strong

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