The thing about winter is, although its cold! The socks, cosy clothes and snuggling up in front of the tv is what it’s all about! I went shopping and just looking at the decorations and the trees and lights made me feel festive! Even though I don’t celebrate Christmas, I do appreciate it!

I used to be very cynical about it and wonder how Santa giving gifts had anything to do with Jesus’ birth! But I see how it’s just an excuse to be happy and give each other gifts!

In Islam, you should do the same! We just don’t have a specific day to! So to all those people who think Christmas is stupid, I think it’s good! I’m not saying I’m going to give out presents to my family or chop down a tree and decorate it in my living room, but I like the concept! It makes sense! When it’s cold in the winter time.. All you want to do is be around good company, eat good food and feel loved!

Just like what Eid is!! Ah the festivities! Only thing is..
With Eid, we get it twice in a year!

Yes we loved it so much, After a couple of months, we said:


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