So I remember when I was a kid! I remember it VERY WELL! So well that sometimes I feel like I’m actually reliving it! My brother asked me the other day, a question about Disney princesses;

who was the only Disney princess that never got married?

OF COURSE! I knew who it was without a second thought! But it made me laugh how it’s programmed into my head! Just like learning at school.. How the memories of my childhood worked in the same fashion! I’m so excited to become older because I’ll become wiser, but I’m not looking forward to losing those memories!

I especially remember a time when I went on a holiday to New York! I was around 13/14 years old at the time and had gone on holiday with my cousins, who although we’re much older than me, were also a lot of fun! When I went to the Disney store on 5th avenue, a little part of my heart that I didn’t even know was there, LIT UP! I’ve never been so happy in my life! I think I wanted to buy everything that was there! And to top it off, they were promoting something that day and the disney characters were everywhere! Next stop for me is M&M world in Leicester square! I’m dying to go! I would love to try some new flavours of M&M’s (of course peanut is my fave).

I LOVE SATURDAYS! They were made for reminiscing!

P.S. Ariel was the only Disney princess that never got married! In case you were wondering ;)



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