Talent shows

So we’re all sitting down watching Strictly Come Dancing (dancing with the stars(USA)) and I’m thinking how nice it looks! Theres no bitching at all and very one seems to be there because they can genuinely dance!

Next on is X Factor and I’m thinking how terrible the music industry is! If you look at most singers, they’re Only famous because they can dress well, or they are good looking or perhaps they have interesting lives. Like, Craig, has an excellent voice! But he’s underrated cause he doesn’t have a drug problem or isn’t an alcoholic! Whereas Kitty, was kept on for AGES! Yeah she had a good voice but her performances were what made her famous!

Holly Valance looks as though she has been through the ‘special 3‘ (acting, singing and dancing) and I’m glad she has dabbled in them all and is now happy in dance! I’m not saying that the dance industry is good! I hardly think the skimpy outfits should be promoted!

But there we go!!

That’s the special face of fame! You don’t need to have a talent any more!

Just as long as you ain’t boring you’ll go far!


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