Ah the good old days! Was my most favourite time! It was the transformation of my life.. Obviously! There were the funniest days in my school days. I was always in the ‘popular‘ crowd! Probably because I always tried to my hardest to be ‘normal‘. I think I managed well at school! I could always have fun but finish my work too! I was the class clown who would make the cheeky remark that would have the students in tears of laughter and the teacher in sniggers! E.g. Whilst reading a book, my eyes somehow read two lines at once:


So naturally, I came up with Penis! HAHAHA! I don’t know why! But it was bloody funny! I think secondary school was my in element! I was the girl who was transformed to a girl in braces, glasses and a pony tail. But one day, I came to school and even my best friend couldn’t recognise me! My long plaited hair had been let loose into gorgeous curls, my boxed eyes into an array of long curly eye lashes with my hazel eyes unleashed and my teeth were now straight and I had to smile to kill! Good job I went to an all girls school! But I think growing up, going to a sixth form which was mixed sex, is what really made me who I am. That ‘sexiness‘ wasn’t how I wanted to be. I had found the man I wanted to spend the rest of my life with, so why should I make an effort to look good for men who I don’t know? I know I’m happy in my own skin and I don’t feel THAT insecure where I have to dress a certain way to get attention! I had too TOO TOOOOO much male attention! Often it got me into a lot of trouble.. Guys interrupting lessons to get my number, not concentrating on their work cause they’re gawping like dogs! I hate men!
But the school work was something which I loved! I love learning new things! To tell the truth.. I always forgot what I learnt in lesson! I have a really bad memory! I would always have to come home and re-read my books to revise the weeks work! But I would never forget It whenever I taught myself! I loved school! It was too fun! There are so many memorable moments! I’ll be sure to write about them as and when I remember them!



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