Most memorable moment…

This has to be the first day of school for me! Not only was I unaware what school was thanks to my Asian parents not explaining it (they were glad to have time (why don’t Asian parents ever have no time???)).. I was also unaware of the tragedies that lay ahead! First of all, my parents had given me a watch for learning all my Salaah’s (Prayers), so that I could pray them on time. To me, it was the most beautiful thing in the world! The watch hands were tennis rackets and the background was of some butt naked woman (How contradictory) beating the crap out of a tennis ball! So.. on my first day, the class whore conned me into doing a swap for it, with some china doll that her mother had got from some jumble sale. I was so innocent and was so brutally broken in to! The first day of school.. The first day of the rest of my life! At least it eased me into the rest of life. It taught me a valuable lesson.. THERE’S ALWAYS A SCHEMING HCTIB OUT THERE TO GET YA!


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